Exactly what on earth is this about?

Say who? Seiyuu! is a non-profit and non-sponsored podcast hosted by 2 girls with male aliases. We swear it wasn’t on purpose. We’re just two girls who wanted to talk more about our loves in a more structured way and have fun!

(Mattie) You see, Axel brought up this idea with me after spamming each other on twitter about a podcast. I’ve been wanting to do one forever just never got around to it. Coz I got lazy.

(Axel) I randomly thought about this podcast one day, shared it to Nee-san, and boom! Say Who? Seiyuu! was born.

The podcast will be updated here at the start of each month! =3 Or you can check out our YouTube Playlist.

General Podcast Layout:

  1. Seiyuu Pick-up
    • A focus on one or two seiyuu
    • How we got to know them
    • What we like (or in the rare case what we don’t quite like) about them
    • Related works, etc.
    • Answering questions about Seiyuu
  2. Otome Game Pick-up
    • Talks on recently played otome games
    • New games we’re interested in
    • Possible recommendations
    • Answering questions about otome games
  3. Drama CD Pick-up
    • Similar to Otome Game Pickup but drama CD orientated
    • Answering questions about drama CDs
  4. Wrap up
    • Random chats
    • Possible preview of the next podcast ;3

Please do feel free to comment on the posts and ask questions or request content you’d like us to discuss!! You can also email us at saywhoseiyuu@gmail.com (Please take note that we will only discuss otome games and other related things. We won’t be discussing anything related to BL, sorry.)

Credits to Tsurara (Micvic) for the podcast name!! God I love this girl for her punny puns.

The Ramblers


I type in red. I have martian accent. Even though I’m the tsukkomi of this pair, that doesn’t mean I’m always upright. I have my derp moments too. I’ll also warn you about my laugh because it’s just… LOL I tend to say emoticons and acronyms out loud.

I have an immense bias for Shimazaki Nobunaga, who I affectionately call “Yome” or “Yome-kyun”. This guy has a nice voice range, and a cute smile which makes me either squeal, gross sob, weirdly giggle or melt into a pile of goo.

I don’t talk about myself a lot, but I assure you that you’ll get to know me better in this podcast. I hope you’ll have a fun time listening to us.


Apparently I’m the boke of this pair. Not sure how it works but hey, I have no complaints. I’m a weirdo hahahaha. My colour is purple (or indigo xD) just so you know when I’m the one typing w I also like abusing my online shortcut terms like LOL, OTL, orz. And yes. I’m Australian. You know you love my ‘accent’. ;3 /shot

Kise Ryouta is my Husbando, Nanase Haruka is my Waifu ← (That guy can cook! Even if it’s just mackerel w), Manami Sangaku is my Angel.
Kimura Ryouhei (Kimu-nii) is my Danna, Suzuki Yuuto (Zukki) is my Yome and Shimazaki Nobunaga (Zakki)…Is just my Zakki. He needs to stop smiling at me or I’ll die every time I look at him or hear him.

Well, what else do you want to know about me? ww 0w0 I think you’ll get to know me better through the podcasts xDD Enjoy your stay here and seriously…come at me bro, with your questions and comments. ;3c


Release your soul to us... (눈‿눈✿)

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