Say Who? Seiyuu! Podcast 02 – 「NOBUNAGA-SAMA!!」

Recorded on December 6 xD

We…talked so much I can’t…LOL Over 1 hour AHAHAHAHAHA So we split it into 2 sections. Drama CD is in Part2 xDDD

We’ll ramble forever about Shimazaki…

Content Overview:

  1. Seiyuu Pick-up
    • It’s Shimazaki Nobunaga’s turn since it’s birthday this month.
  2. Otoge Pick-up
    • Recently Played: (Spoiler warning here) Strobe Mania, Snow Bound Land, Glass Heart Princess: Platinum
    • Interested: Prince Pia Carrot, Iza, Shutsujin! Koi Ikusa 2, Jewelic Nightmare
    • Recommending/Promoting: Storm Lover 2, Geten no Hana
  3. Drama CD Pick-up
    • Recently Listened: VANQUISH BROTHERS (Nobunaga & Shingen), Miyabi Uta
    • Interested: Hana no bakumatsu koisuru chou, Anata no Jinsei Koutei CD -Yes, you are right.
    • Recommending/Promoting: VANQUISH BROTHERS
  4. Wrap up
    • Small talk about upcoming anime with Shimazaki in it.

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