Say Who? Seiyuu! Podcast 01 – 「FREE! Tribute: Water we doing?」

AAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!! WE FINALLY HAVE OUR PODCAST UP!! OMG AXEL-KYUN WE HAVE IT UP!!!! Omg omg *runs around in circles like crazy* Please excuse the shallowness of my comments hurhur ;3c

It’s like a dream come true, yeah. And why are you calling me “Axel-kyun”? Not that it matters though.

Here’s the general content overview:

  1. Introduction & FREE! Discussion (no pun intended)
    • Introduction of who we are and the purpose of this podcast.
    • Thoughts about Free’s finale and the main characters. (Contains spoilers)
  2. Seiyuu Pick-up
    • It’s Suzuki Tatsuhisa’s (Tattsun’s) birthday this month so he’s our pick!
  3. Otome Game Pick-up
    • Recently Played: O*G*A: Onigokko Royale, Diabolik Lovers MORE,BLOOD
    • Interested: SNOW BOUND LAND
    • Recommending/Promoting: Glass Heart Princess, Glass Heart Princess: PLATINUM, Tiny x Machinegun, Vitamin X, Vitamin R
  4. Drama CD Pick-up
    • Recently Listened: HumANdroid Type S, Shinsengumi Kekkonroku Wasurenagusa (Okita Souji and Harada Sanosuke)
    • Interested: VANQUISH BROTHERS, Boku ga Kimi wo Koroshita Riyuu
    • Recommending/Promoting: SEVENTH HEAVEN
  5. Wrap up

If you have any comments or feedback feel FREE! to comment!!

We’re also taking suggestions for theme/specific seiyuu/games/drama CD discussion so if you have anything you want to hear us talk about TELL US~!! Please remember we won’t be doing any BL discussions。 (≧≦) ゴメンヨー


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