Say Who? Seiyuu! Podcast 02 – 「NOBUNAGA-SAMA!!」

Recorded on December 6 xD

We…talked so much I can’t…LOL Over 1 hour AHAHAHAHAHA So we split it into 2 sections. Drama CD is in Part2 xDDD

We’ll ramble forever about Shimazaki… Continue reading


Say Who? Seiyuu! Podcast 01 – 「FREE! Tribute: Water we doing?」

AAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!! WE FINALLY HAVE OUR PODCAST UP!! OMG AXEL-KYUN WE HAVE IT UP!!!! Omg omg *runs around in circles like crazy* Please excuse the shallowness of my comments hurhur ;3c

It’s like a dream come true, yeah. And why are you calling me “Axel-kyun”? Not that it matters though. Continue reading